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This wiki is about Little People, Big World, a reality TV show on TLC. It featured the daily lives of the Roloffs, a family combined of both short-stature and average stature: Matt and Amy Roloff, both dwarfs, are parents to four children: Jeremy(average height), Zach (dwarf), Molly (average height) and Jacob (average height). The family live on a farm in Portland, Oregon.

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Immediate FamilyEdit

Matthew "Matt" James Roloff -- is father to four children. He is of short stature. Matt shares his middle name with one of his eldest sons, Jeremy. (b. October 7th, 1961, in California).

Amy Jo Roloff -- is mother to four children. She is of short stature. Amy shares her birthday and middle name with her only daughter, Molly. (b. September 17th, 1964, in Michigan).

Jeremy James Roloff -- is one of Matt and Amy Rolof'f's eldest sons. He is the older fraternal twin to Zach Roloff. Jeremy is of normal-stature. He shares his middle name with his father, Matt. He is interested in photography.  (b. May 10th, 1990, in Oregon).

Zachary "Zach" Luke Roloff -- is one of Matt and Amy Roloff's eldest sons. He is the younger fraternal twin to Jeremy James Roloff. Zach is of short-stature. He loves soccer. (b. May 10th, 1990, in Oregon). 

Molly Jo Roloff -- is the only daughter of Matt and Amy Roloff. She is of normal-stature. Molly shares her birthday with her mother, Amy. She plays volleyball. (b. September 17th, 1993, in Oregon).

Jacob George Roloff --is the the youngest of child of Matt and Amy Roloff. He is accident-prone. Jacob is of normal-stature. Jacob likes to swim and was interested in outerspace when he was younger. (b. January 17th, 1997, in Oregon).

Latest activityEdit

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